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Community Manager
Community Manager


Competitive online gaming is a pastime that is enjoyed by billions of people worldwide. For many, it provides a welcome reprieve from the stresses of everyday life, an exciting escape after a long day at the office. But, for some, the experience of online gaming can be something else. For women, the online experience can be one that is belittling, alienating, and outright toxic.


Femme Gaming is an esports and gaming organization whose mission is to bring these issues to light within the greater discourse surrounding online gaming, in both the competitive and casual sphere. The group was founded in 2020 by Jessica Medeiros and Suzanne Duncan, and is based in Toronto, Ontario. In the short amount of time since its inception, Femme Gaming has developed a strong grassroots community of women gamers and their allies, all of whom have the shared vision of improving the representation of women in the gaming community.




“Our brand is a community, a lifestyle, a change-agent, and a promise to women worldwide.”   -Femme Gaming


TELUS is a proud champion of diversity and inclusion as well as creating safe spaces online via programs such as TELUS Wise. Be sure to check out Femme Gaming to learn more. Also, stay tuned to our Neighbourhood Blog for curated articles from Femme Gaming on how you can do your part to make everyone feel safe and welcome online!