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Telus not actually monitoring anything...

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When I was with ADT if the security system went off, there was a low battery, no cell signal, or whatever... I'd get a call from ADT telling me there was an issue.


Once Telus got involved... we had an alarm go off sometime in Nov of last year... and supposedly Telus has no record of it.  They've been getting low battery alerts and other faults but again... nothing from Telus to know there's a problem with the system.  I doubt even the emergency services have been working as I noticed recently the cell unit was actually dead.


In fact, the entire system has been completely offline with no power for months and Telus demanded I still pay the bill, even though the system isn't working at all.   It's only been since they started demanding their money I could actually get someone on the line to talk to me, and even that was 6 transfers later.   Telus customer service used to be great but after this, there seems to be a huge decline.   Even the last person I talked to didn't seem to care if I went with another company.


So my message to everyone else... verify Telus is actually monitoring something.  If they're not going to alert the police if the alarm goes off or call the fire department if there's a fire... you might want to question what you're paying for.   Obviously, I was paying a monthly fee for absolutely nothing for probably the last year at least.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Very sorry to hear that! Please feel free to send me a private message if there's anything you'd like to discuss, or if you'd like to have your case escalated with a callback.