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Ordering new system is overly difficult


I had ADT years ago but hated the service.  Since I am a Telus costumer I decided to give it another try. I am so far not having high expectations.  It took me over an hour and a half to order on the web site.  First off It kept freezing on my phone so I tried my PC, it was buffering forever on the PC.  I logged out and logged in again, when logging out I noticed the price was less for non Telus customers.  I finally figured out there was a switch I had to click on to say I was a customer and wanted my $10 off.  I find this mechanism very sneaky and it made me loose trust in the system. Why would I need to click this off when signing in to my account tells you that I am a customer, and when non customers get the discounted price.  I tried selecting my preferred devices and it kept defaulting back to the ones I did not want.  I finally got my package the way I wanted and noticed that it is a 5 extra charge monthly to have a guard sent , why bother having a monitored system when no one is even going to respond to an alarm?  I can get the notification on my phone without you having to call me so it makes no sense.  I would just self monitor but there is no option to do that and still have window and door sensors.  I reluctantly went through with my order.  Today, I got a call while at work I could not answer.  I got an email stating that I should phone back a phone number with no area code.  I tried the number on its own and with my area code and neither number worked.  I finally looked up another number only to call it to find there is more than one hour wait time.  At this point when I do speak to someone I am just ready to cancel the whole thing.  I was hoping service would be better but I haven't even got the alarm in and I am already as angry as before.  We canceled our service because of poor customer service and I feel like we are heading in that direction again.  


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hey there, we're sorry to hear about the negative experience. I'll be happy to provide additional info to help you out!

In regards to the $10 monthly discount, this applies to customers who bundle SmartHome Security with their existing or new mobility service. 

In regards to our guard response, it is an additional service which sends a certified and trained guard to your home to verify whether an intrusion alarm is a true event or a false alarm. This doesn't replace the police services.  You can find more information about that here:

In regards to your additional accounts inquiries, feel free to give our SmartHome Security team a call directly at 1-855-255-8828 or send our social media team a private message on our official TELUS Facebook account

or a DM on our TELUSSupport Twitter page.