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Door to Door sales rep who attempted to threaten the residents

Just Moved In

Who do I talk to regarding needing to provide more information regarding a TELUS door to door sales representative who just visited our residence?  The details will be provided but overall the rep tried to intimidate our residents and was overall very toxic to deal with, and when approached for more information he literally sprinted down the street demanding that we do not follow him.  He then came back to the house and tried to intimidate the residence again before finally fleeing.


I was able to see he has a laminated TELUS ID card and their brochure.  Who do I speak to for this as it may in fact become a police report at well?    [email protected]


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @komiinc 


Thanks for bringing this to our attention! 


Please send us a message on Twitter or Facebook, so we can further investigate.

Just Moved In
I had my first visit from a door-to-door salesman today as well. He had a very sketchy vibe and a weird intense stare. He wanted to sell me home security even though I already have hundreds of $$ worth of services with telus. Honestly I was so nervous after I got rid of him because there was nothing to identify him as an actual representative of Telus except a purple t-shirt which anybody could have made up. Really made me think that I probably SHOULD install a door cam for that. Except why in the world would I need telus to monitor my residence which is already monitored by my strata. If their pitch is to make ppl worry the salesperson is going to break in later, it worked, just not in Telus' favour. Who the hell hires door to door sales people in 2022??? Who the hell needs a job that badly either??? One day soon there will be more competition. Yucky slimy business practice.