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Pik TV - Telus box

So one the website it says that Each Pik TV account gets 1 Telus TV Box to access PIK TV. Further that Pik TV works on 2screens.

In the store yesterday when I signed up for internet/pik tv I was told it’s only website/app that it works on. That there are no further boxes being given out.

Can someone tell me which is correct as the website says 1box per Pik TV Account

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

If you saw this, it is incorrect - the information you got in store is correct. Apologies for the confusion; Pik TV does not come with any hardware. Where on the website did you see that every account gets a TELUS TV Digital Box? If you can share the URL, I can have it corrected or clarified. The below is what I see at


In the FAQ, there is a statement of "that there is a limit of 1 Pik TV Media Box or TELUS TV Digital Box per Pik TV account." but this is the upper limit, not the lower limit.