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For Netflix, Prime, etc (every other streaming service), when you put a video full screen it hides the cursor and the screen doesn't go to sleep - so if it's set to go to sleep in 5 minutes, the screen stays active the video can keep playing for hours.


For Telus TV Plus, in fullscreen, the cursor doesn't go away and the computer goes to sleep. I've tried several computers (all Macs), and tried in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.


So this means every time I watch TV in my browser, which is where I mostly watch TV, I have to move the cursor around every few minutes or the screen goes to sleep. Plus, the cursor never disappears.


Anyone find this happens with them? Or know of a fix? Telus support hasn't been able to help so far...


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @ehperson, the cursor does not disappear in full screen, but it can be hidden away when placed at the edge of the screen. In terms of the computer going to sleep, we checked the experience on both Mac and Windows on Chrome and Safari and we couldn't replicate the experience. The show in full screen continued to play past our computer's sleep timer setting. 


After digging around a bit, I found the following Mac support article that might be able to help: If your Mac sleeps or wakes unexpectedly

I can't replicate this: the cursor doesn't hide and the video in full screen doesn't keep playing past the computer sleep time. Sorry.