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why do my pvr scheduled shows record something else, go to the guide to check and sure enough another show is recording, had a couple this last weekend and the odd taping stopped and kept repeating the last bit every second, like a vinyl record skipping , weirdest stuff happening lately, plus , freezing which i mentioned about a month ago. done all the start ups etc. the neighborhood had the optik installed earlier this year or end of last year. so far not overly impressed. don’t want to give up yet, too much of a pain in the a$$ to change providers.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Which set top box do you have? The regular Optik PVR or the new TelusTV+ android box?


I've had the standard Optik PVR do the skipping at the end of a recording but it's very infrequent. I usually just stop the recording once the show ends. 


As for what records, if the channel is airing something besides what is in the guide, that would be on the broadcaster. Does this happen on all recordings, specific ones, or specific channels?

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the ‘record” like the old days when we had vinyl records they would skip,was an example of what the recording was doing. anyways, as for the telus box all it says is telus 4k. didn’t know when i signed up for the deal there was a choice. is the box you have a free upgrade? thanks