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When are we going to see the Seatle stations in true 4k?

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All of the Seattle TV stations are now broadcasting in ATSC 3.0 NextGen which allows for 4k transmission. Is Telus implementing changes to accommodate this?


Seattle is one of the very first markets to run with this. Boston is on the "to implement" list.


Thanks a lot every one in advance.


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The entire industry will have to make a shift at some point. It's not going to happen overnight and will require new hardware from many vendors. I would say it will be years before the provider aspect will pivot. While 4K has been around for a long time even now the channels are very few and far between.


Even OTA channels in Canada have very little to offer, unless you live in a major city.. ATSC 3.0 really only is serving OTA in major markets.

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Is there ATSC 3.0 OTA anywhere in Canada at the present time? How about in the greater Vancouver area?


From what I understand, the actual networks for Fox and ABC are in 720p. CBS and NBC are 1080i. If the local station is 4k, it can't do any better than the original source. Are we basically on the same page @WestCoasterBC , that any 4k programming for the foreseeable future will likely be local in nature?


I think you're absolutely right. The major broadcast networks (and producers of the shows they carry) will take a very long time to switch their equipment over to 4k. The Canadian broadcasters already have their hands full meeting the requirements of the CRTC, so nobody should hold their breath there, either.


Overall, I find 4k to not be the quantum leap in quality that HD was. Don't get me wrong. It is great, but not nearly as marked a difference.