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Trying to get Optik Tv app work on my iPad air

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To whom it may concern,


I am Trying to get Optik Tv app work on my iPad Air, I was just forced to update my optik TV app and unfortunately my iPad will not allow me to update to latest 14.0 version, it says it’ll allow an earlier version but I’m not sure where to access this earlier version in App Store. 

I would appreciate any help with this topic. I did have this Telus optik TV app working on this generation iPad about 4 months ago around x-mas time.



please help!!!


thanks in advance 


Chris Max


Community Power User
Community Power User

Which version of the iPad Air do you have and what version of iPadOS is it running?

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Community Power User
Community Power User

You will need to use iTunes to install an older version of an app:


How to Install Older Versions of iOS Apps on an Old iPhone or iPad (


Telus has been making many changes to it's Optik offerings so it's difficult to say if the older version will still work.


Good luck!!!



Just a long time customer hoping to help.