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PVR shutting down frequently


We have two TVs. The main one has the Optik TV box attached. The second TV, which is seldom used, has the PVR attached. 

A few months ago, the PVR began shutting down every couple of days. We get a message on the main TV saying the PVR is offline. Sometimes it comes back on its own after a few minutes. Other times we need to manually reboot the PVR box (unplug everything connected to it and then reconnect, and it goes through re-intializing and eventually works again).

A couple of weeks ago, the PVR stopped shutting down, and everything was working well. 

Then two days ago we tried to watch the second TV and realized it had no Optik TV access — just a blank screen. After a few minutes we discovered the cable connecting the PVR to the TV had come loose and re-attached it. 

Within a day, the PVR began shutting down again. Is it a coincidence that when the PVR box cable is attached to the TV, the PVR box shuts down? But when the cable is not connected to the TV, the PVR works fine and does not shut down.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Is the problem box in a cabinet with poor ventilation? Possibly heat related given the weather we are experiencing?


The box is not in a cabinet and has lots of ventilation. The weather has been consistent over the past couple of months, so I don't think heat would explain why it stopped shutting down when the cable came loose and then started shutting down when the cable was reattached.

Thanks. We are doing that exact process regularly when it shuts down. It works to reboot it, but it does not prevent it from shutting down again later.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Another thing to try would be to swap the PVR and STB and/or the cables between the TV's and boxes.

The cable swapping idea is great! Failing that, maybe it is a hardware issue and needs to be replaced... but it does seem odd it only occurs when the TV cable is attached...