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New TelusTV+ app doesn't record

Just Moved In
When I schedule a program to record on the new TelusTv+ app, it doesn't record it. I set up the recording and then go back in to verify that it's scheduled. However when I go to watch the program later, it hasn't been recorded. This has happened several times. These are channels that I am definitely subscribed to. In several cases these were Oilers games on Sportsnet, which I am subscribed to. It never happened on the old app, it has happened several times since Telus updated me to their new app. What's going on with this new app?

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Blaste56 


There have been instances where the app isn't communicating with your PVR; please ensure that your PVR is powered on (or at least in standby) and that you've rebooted it. If this doesn't resolve your issue, I'd recommend chatting in with an agent at for troubleshooting

Just Moved In
Same here, exactly the same problem. The recording shows that it is scheduled but when you go to watch the recording later , it's not there, it didn't record. Only happened since the new app update.


Honestly it's a mess.

I was trying to delete some recordings using the web app and in the process, in one case it removed the series recording too and in another, it deleted multiple episodes of the same show when I had just asked it to delete one.

Don't rely on the app to manage your PVR recordings.