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Issues with recordings

We set a series recording on 702 and it works sometimes and then disappears. Try to set again and it will not take.
Random recordings are corrupt when trying to play.
Guide is very slow to refresh going forwards only a day.
Too many steps to delete a recording after watching program. It was easy on the old PVR box just delete at the end of the program.
Need to page down function to be implemented on the recordings page. Have to go program by program which is a pain.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, I'll send you a private message to discuss next steps here, thanks.

Just Moved In
The use of the record button to access recordings is also horrible. You end up recording things you don't want when accessing memory. Recordings need their own access button.

Totally agree. You have to make a conscious effort to hold that record button down to access the recordings.

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