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I'm a senior and want to lower my bill costs.

Just Moved In

I have internet and optik TV service but I'm also a senior that's being charged 144.00 per month. How can I lower my bill cause I am finding the cost is too much for me!



Which Internet plan and which Optik package do you currenlty have? It should show on your monthly statement.

Friendly Neighbour

I think you might need Internet 75 for strong enough internet for Optik, but maybe call to see if you can move to a lower internet package. You could also just sign up for Optik essentials, or at least check that your channel line-up does not have too much that you don't consume. You could also get rid of your land line and save $30+tax/month - but my mother is a senior and certainly still gets a lot of phone calls from her friends and wouldn't be keen on that.


Time to do some comparison shopping, see what promotions the competition offers and see if telus will match. If you have a telus email address you will loose access to it if you change providers.


If you are not interested in recording programs you might be interested in telus PIK TV.