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Free 55" TV option


So I just moved into an apartment linked with Telus, so I get internet 300 plus Optik TV, I'm signed for 2 years as well. I'm wondering if my plan would qualify me for the free 55" TV since it requires you to have Optik TV and internet. Thanks



@Skoopy If you are an existing prior to moving to this place  NO  They have a 90 day period of not being a customer of telus to be able to get the promotion. Polecat 

ooh, so if I became a Telus customer just at the start of the month, does that mean I'm eligible?

@Skoopy  You can't be a customer of telus in the last 90 days to be able to use the promo. If you were not a customer in the past 90 and didn't try for the promo i would say to late. Look at the promo and it's restrictions. Ex 90 days 1 june to 1 sept.