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Cable box problems

Ok so power went out when it came back on basement box would just flash nothing else so I tried the box from upstairs it didn’t work either just flashed but they worked when I tried them in the bedroom tried resetting modem nothing tried new Ethernet cables nothing took all cables off put them all back on nothing still just blinks three lights just blinking so no boxes work in basement but they work everywhere else but I did notice no light is on where Ethernet wire hooks into modem but here is a light on for my wifi booster what’s going on anyone help please

Community Power User
Community Power User

If the power went out and you don't have your set top boxes on good power bars / surge supressors, it's entirely possible that when the power came back on that there was enough of a power surge to possibly fry the box. If that basement box is moved upstairs and it works there, then the cause of the issue will be harder to determine. If it doesn't work, it may need replacing. Your best bet is to contact Telus and see if a tech can come out. 

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Community Power User
Community Power User

It's possible updates are being applied to the boxes. If they haven't been restarted in a long time they get applied when the box is restarted. Depending on your link speed it can take some time to complete. 

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

I noticed the sequence to turning on the boxes makes a difference.

  • unplug the boxes and router, wait a minute
  • plug in the wifi router
  • count 15 seconds, then plug in the PVR
  • count 15 seconds, then plug in the wireless boxes.  The wireless boxes may need a reboot by holding down the power switch.