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CBC and CTV news freezes and sound stops any suggestions?

Just Moved In
CBC and CTV channels having sound and action stops making watching impossible.
Any suggestions?

Community Power User
Community Power User

You don't mention if it's connected with Wi-Fi or wired. Possibly related to Wi-Fi if it's not a wired connection.


In the mean time you could try this:


How to reboot your Optik system | TELUS Support

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Just Moved In
I’ve noticed this on Fox News but not on CTV or CBC. I actually thought it was Telus doing this on purpose to devalue the channel. I just tried CBC and it is doing it too so it may be system issues . I think I may cancel my Telus TV and move to something different. This has been going on for over a year on Fox

I’ve had the same issue on both my TVs with the CTV news channel for about a month or six weeks now. Rebooting all equipment does not fix it. Appears to only be this channel I’ve noticed so far.

I connect wirelessly and CBC and 4K channels do this frequently. I turn off and unplug everything. All set top box pvrs up to modem and router. I then plug in router and modem and let them reboot. Then I plug in my hub then finally the set top pvrs. It lasts anywhere from a day to a week before I have to do it again. Been like this for a couple years now.