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Bait and Switch

Just Moved In

I had a two year contract with Shaw Direct in my remote location.  Service dropped off and they told me they had no service technician in my area.  I phoned Telus to inquire about Telus Optik, and was offered a deal I could not refuse.  The agent said that Telus would pay for the remaining months on my Shaw contract, and she was given details of my Shaw account.

Six weeks later I get a bill from Shaw for $335 to break my contract: I immediately phoned Telus and they contacted the agent who was named as "Melody".  They relayed that she had never offered to pay off the Shaw contract, but would not let me speak to her.

This is the worst kind of bait and switch.  I'm trying to have this reviewed by the CRTC.  Be careful out there !


Friendly Neighbour
I had a similar experience. Contacting the CRTC is a good first step, and if CRTC accepts your dispute, a telus manager will call and try to settle. This is when you ask for the phone call recording to be played. Also if you are still with telus, ask/ demand for more channels, faster speed, what ever you can squeeze out of them. They will also offer you a bill credit.

Just Moved In

My humble apologies to Telus (and to Oliver, who had a similar experience).  After checking with Shaw Direct, I found that the invoice of $335 was for failure to return their equipment.  I spent some time on the phone and eventually got an acknowledgement from Shaw that the equipment had been returned, and the invoice was issued in error.

Put this brouhaha down to a senile brain in an old man.  Telus has 100% lived up to the contract I made, and again I am red-faced over my complaint on this forum.