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Telus and agenda 2030

Just Moved In
When is Telus going to start spending money on infrastructure. For far to any years they have avoided their obligation of upgrading the decades old lines they have to upgrade. Maybe instead of going off on some adventures that they have no business in ie healthcare they should look after the field they are in, telecommunications. I have been a Telus customer for over 30 years, the house I own has wires from the 50s or 60’s two different led black and white copper wires. They keep telling me they are fine. Do they think we are all ignorant in the telecommunications field? Even when the techs come to fix my service shake their heads. I know a few things and I believe I know why they are ignoring their obligations. They are part of the UN agenda 2030 sustainable development. It’s pretty obvious with their carbon free promises that they will ignore people like myself so they can bring on their killer 5G network there by not using wired service for 5G. Not all of us in fact when everyone finally sees what they are doing will come unhinged. The plane is to make us all live in the cities, the 15 minute cities. No one will live in rural area except those who have been forced to farm for the New world order. I wish they wouldn’t have so whole hardly jumped into agenda 2030 as it’s going to fail and Telus will be one of victims of the attempt to change our world to one world government. It’s to bad it had to come to this. They should have just stuck with what they were good at and not worried about growing beyond the company they started off at. If you think this is all crap and some kind of conspiracy read agenda 2030 then read Telus terms and conditions. Then read about all the things they are into that have nothing to do with telecommunications. I’ve been following this for a number of years about 8 to be exact since Trudeau was voted in. Anyway if they’d send someone to fix lines I’d very much appreciate it. Oh and I’m not crazy, I just do what most don’t, I read till the end. I don’t read the first chapter and assume I know what they were saying. It’s amazing what you find at the end if an article. Thanks for your time