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Mobile Klinik Device Checkup Tool


The Mobile Klinik Device Checkup app has a number of great features. From optimizing and troubleshooting hardware/software issues with your Android and iOS device, to booking repair appointments or finding the nearest Mobile Klinik store, to checking out your smartphone's resale value. Here's all the info you need to get started.


How to download the Mobile Klinik app

1. Ensure that you have an active cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

2. Visit the Google Play store (Android) or Apple App store (iOS) and search for 'Mobile Klinik Device Checkup'.

3. Alternatively, if you select the new Diagnostics link available in the app itself you'll either be brought directly to the Google Play store or Apple App store prompting you to install, or have the app automatically launch if it's already installed.


How to run a device checkup

1. Launch the Mobile Klinik Device checkup app (once installed) by tapping the icon from your smartphone's home screen.

2. *First time users* Accept the Terms & conditions and allow data usage access to use the app. Do this by following the prompts to open Settings (you'll be brought to the Usage Data Access section), find and select the app, tap to allow usage tracking, and go back to return to the app.

3. All tests will be selected by default, though you may select/deselect which tests you wish to perform including:

  • Battery (battery health and usage)
  • Storage (internal/external memory usage)
  • Connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SIM)
  • Data (data usage)
  • Device (software updates and security)

4. Click Start at the bottom of the screen. *Note: The battery drain test (unless skipped on Android) will run for approx. 30 seconds and maximize your screen brightness, flash, and vibration functions to assess battery health.

5. Results summary will be displayed and colour-coded by severity level:

  • Device alerts and critical updates - Red or Yellow
  • Optimization recommendations - Green

6. Select the green chevron next to a results to see specific info about the test.


How to check device value and repair options


Device Value

  • Tap 'Sell Your Phone' from the app home screen.
  • Select 'Continue'.
  • Complete the interactive tests and questions about your smartphone.
  • Receive the device's value

*Note: New devices may not retrieve a value, and value given is an estimate and will not be confirmed until you visit the nearest Mobile Klinik store.


Repair Options

  • Tap 'Repair' from the app home screen.
  • Select the repair journey you need: Find a store, Book an appointment, or Call for a quote.




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