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Community Manager

Many different factors can affect your internet speeds, from where you place your TELUS Smart Hub device to how many trees are outside your home. Luckily, it’s easy to check if your TELUS Smart Hub configuration is up to speed.


Here are 3 simple tips to ensure you’re getting the best internet possible:

  1. Place the Smart Hub above ground and near a window on a table or shelf. If you have a multi‑story home, the highest floor is best.
  2. Connect a laptop to your Smart Hub with an ethernet cable. Then, move throughout your home and conduct a speed test at different locations to see where you get the fastest download speed. Place your hub there.
  3. Try moving the hub to a side of your home with fewer large trees growing outside, as even dense foliage can affect your connection.

Numerous everyday obstacles can affect your connection speed, so be sure to check out our complete FAQ at

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Just Moved In

The download speed is very slow most times do not even get a meg down load

Just Moved In

Nothing seems to be able to fix it according to Telus its conjested and they are going to improve service when they install new towers someday not sure when

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