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unauthorized charge

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I wanted to dispute a $13.99 charge on Aug 29th that was unauthorized and not received by myself.  Telus does not have an email address for billing disputes.  After waiting for 45 minutes for a call to be then told to wait for 1 hour wait which I waited 65 minutes.  I eventually hung up the call.  Why doesn't Telus have an email mailbox to send disputes to & can be disputed in a timely manner?  Close to 2 hours on hold and no opportunity to get assistance is EXTREMELY POOR SERVICE.  At 08:30pm your customer service no longer allows for call back.  


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Another victim.


Re: 3rd party subsctiption options that Telus shou... - TELUS Neighbourhood


@telus Are you guys paying attention here?  Your infrastructure is brazenly being used to scam your customers by a company that purports to be your partner!  PayByMobile - PARTNERS.  If I had any position of influence in Telus I would be working **bleep** hard to separate myself from them, protect my brand AND my customers (which would include making them whole!).


This sort of thing should not be allowed, period.  Same with 900 numbers or foreign numbers that charge exhorbitant fees.  There should be only telephone calls and legitimate telecommunications charges billed to phone accounts.  

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It's a Scam and you will get charged every month. Telus will not help you out of this. The best way to rid of this is to go and cancel the subscription so you will not be charged on the next billing circle (under My Subscription followed by My Account).

Telus should not be allowing scammers to create billing without authorization.  Just like an unauthorized credit card charge, Telus as the biller should be reversing them.  


Zen1502, you can also connect with them over chat, if the virtual agent can't help you just type "agent" in the chat console and it should get you connected.

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i had the same issue and called Telus customer service. i told me to contact pbm myself. why should i contact pbm while telus is the one make such "convenience" fraud go thru without my consent. so i had to turn up my voice so the cs ended up refunded the 3 payment amount to me but it's not the end of it cause the so call subscription was not cancelled per telus cs until i hv to go on pbm website to cancel by myself. i still hv few months of charges afterward that needs to get back to telus on this. i m sure i would change provider after the contract is ended. Why doesn't my roger's mobile and bell mobile have the issue? or maybe it's Telus so call simplifies billing process has the issue?


Some info here about preventing and reporting unauthorized charges:


According to the paybymobile site subscriptions are supposed to be confirmed at checkout by the app providing the service. I suspect there are dodgy apps that bypass this and automatically subscribe you without doing this as soon as you open the app. It's possible that the subscription is not even related to the app you open so it may not be apparent which app is doing this.


As such, I don't see how TELUS can control what these apps are doing outside of exiting the partnership with paybymobile entirely which would mean the legitimate apps would no longer have this option of payment. Being scammed by downloaded apps is not a new thing and not restricted to payments via paybymobile.