telus roaming rates info while


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can some tell where I can find the Telus roaming rates while I am traveling,

I know calling Canada cover under my plan, how about calling other countries, While Romaing.



Reason for my ask is, I have NA Plan, while I was traveling, I called the US & other Counties, (ROME LIKE HOME) I was thinking I am going to get the normal rate as I am using in CANADA,

Calling US 1.50, call per min.. this not Rome like Home... JUST FYI

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Your Canada-US Plan includes calls within Canada and the USA when made from within Canada or USA. Calls to other destinations would likely attract the regular Long Distance fees, as described in this link.


Can you provide a bit more clarity as to the issue you are having?


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It is not "Roam like Home" it is "Easy Roam", and it is distinctly different in the way that you have unfortunately discovered as it only covers the basics, and not "everything you have at home".  Although Rogers should be consulted for the specifics of their product, I can tell you that checking my bill from Rogers (I deal with them and Telus for this very particular reason) that a call from Germany to USA on "roam like home" a year ago was not any additional charge (I had unlimited calling to USA added to my plan).


So if you want to call other than the country you're in and Canada, you're going to pay a higher tariff on Telus.  Additionally, the Telus maximum per month on international roaming "easy roam" is, I believe, $150 compared to Rogers' $100.  Bell, I am sure, is over $200 and is $12 a day.


Unfortunately, there's a lot of "fine print".   To Telus' credit, at the moment, they have their roaming flat rate add in (Easy Roam) available for a lot more countries than Rogers' "Roam like home":  Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE to name a few.  Faroe Islands, Greenland, Macau to name a few more.  Belize, Cuba and Cyprus to name even more.  Philippines, Fiji, Ghana, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Latvia if you want to keep going. (These are all countries that have Easy Roam from Telus and NOT Roam like home from Rogers) but it is not a complete list)  (** Note and disclaimer: please check with your carrier for current rates and plan availability).  As Telus has considerably more countries and Bell does too, I hope that Rogers steps up to the plate with a bigger list soon.  They were first out of the gate but have fallen behind in number of countries, but are still, i believe, the only ones who would deal with your particular problem.....


Best way around it at the moment is to text them and get them to call you, if it is a situation where that would work since an inbound call would have the American number paying to Canada, and "easy roam" covering to you from Canada.