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Just Moved In

We are heading on a cruise in a few weeks. Any suggestions as to which plan would work best while we are away. We are leaving from Tampa and will be stopping in Cayman Islands and Cozumel.

Thanks for your help.



Hi, feel free to have a look here for the different travel passes available.

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

I loved having Telus coverage on an Alaskan cruise from Vancouver to Prince Rupert segment where I disabled my Blackberry's roaming option.


However how do these packages work on a cruise ship without Telus coverage?  Roaming would be via the ship's satellite...

  • is there a satellite surcharge on the roaming package?
  • many ships are NOT from the region they are sailing. This might be confirmed by looking at the IP address when connected. Should one get a package from where the ship is sailing?  Or where the cruise ship is registered?