amber richeson sent mea message need too find it how?


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Just Moved In

ambercall i really need some help too stand strong your brotherreally tried this time tim found him going too have too do something and my armis hrting and the back of my leg need too be here and help me tom i cant do this bye my self daughter please listen cant bring ppl up there he was tryin iti heard it on the phone timm found himmy cuss he knows i would have too get the cops after him up there **bleep**s goig too happen justin probaly broke alre4adyi might goo too hosp if iit dont get any better ok love larry goes swith hes mom too get money so if i get your text before i goo too bed tired  realll but hey maybe signs of a stroke but they couldent find himokplease need u and justin put tree up this year ok will be getting tell justin chat a happy nice mess tell him i siad we would pay you 2 4 help ok please cALL HIMIF U ARE N