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Wait times are insane

Just Moved In

The wait times to talk to someone about my service are insane! We pay such large bills yet have to wait over an hour just to talk to someone. Are they hoping we just get frustrated and give up? Gone are the days where someone would answer your call within a reasonable amount of time and be able to speak English. I am going on 25 minutes which I know isn't long yet but I shouldn't have to wait this long. I thought maybe the live chat would be faster....nope 65 people ahead of me! So glad they cut their staff down.  Also does Telus read these message boards or are they only here for the rest of us to vent out frustrations and be a part of community?


Community Manager
Community Manager

@adpaquette I'm one of the Community Managers for the TELUS Neighbourhood and I'm sorry to hear about the challenges you've been experiencing trying to reach out to our contact center. 


We have a wonderful social media team who can help you feel free to reach out to us by Facebook Messenger or Twitter by tweeting @telussupport. 


Thank you for your patience with us.


@dru, Community Manager