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I have purchased US monthly data package while on vacation. I have 300MO and was wondering is it per day usage as I am already over the limit and juat started vacation?
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It is per 30 days. If you are using data at that rate , you might find purchasing a hotspot device cost effective, or unlocking your phone and buying a US SIM
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I just got news that there is WiFi at the hotel. If I connect to that I should be o.k. for using my phone for internet and e-mail?
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Yes, hotel wifi is a great way to extend your 300mb roaming allowance.


Some thoughts....

  • do you plan to stay the entire trip in hotel for wifi?  Many use Roam Mobility with a SIM card swap or on a second phone to maximize my roaming allowance in most US States.
  • how fast is that hotel wifi?  how fast is it in the evening when everyone else is using wifi after dinner?  I connect to this site to see if it's about 2Mbps for video.  Otherwise, limit myself to just emails.   Wifi speeds improve in the morning and mid-day.  Also experiment with wifi in the bathroom.... I discovered the wifi works 4 times faster when I'm closer to the hallway in some hotels instead of the window desk as the repeaters are in the halls.
  • hotel wifi is unsecured.... consider a VPN to prevent data eavesdropping on your userid's and passwords.
  • is this hotel an online booking... do include the wifi speeds in your hotel review to help others.