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Travel in Germany

Just Moved In

My family of four 2 adults and 2 teenagers are traveling to Germany next week and would

like to be able to contact my teens if they get separated, ( was going to arrange that in cities they find

coffee shop or similar with free wifi) .  Is it possible to set  phone so we can text using free wifi

without incurring charges?  



Community Power User
Community Power User

Yes, if you choose a secondary messaging application, put it on each of your phones, and keep the app running on your phone in the background. An App such as Skype would allow texting and voice calls between members of your family over Wi-Fi. However to use something like this in all situations, both parties need to be connected to a wi-fi site, OR have a cellular data connection.  Depending on your situation, you may wish to have a data plan for your phone, so it will work anywhere, and leave the teens to search out wi-fi, when they need it.

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