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Telus wifi buses?

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

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I think this is a really cool idea! The article states that this is in Vancouver, but could possibly become a Canada wide thing for Telus users

That's great 'News' would reduce the Data-usage in Cellphones for those, who use Public transit daily. But we'll be better off if "TransLink" increase the number of buses, running in Vancouver first, before get Wi-fy onboard.


I took the Bus recently, around 9:00 Pm to goto downtown, unbelievable folks I waited for 25mins to board a bus, near PNE. Improve service first, before introduce, these kind of features. What forum members - think about this. <ReadMe-soon> "v9"

@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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The future is unknown?

CPU Alum
CPU Alum
I would rather see a build out of #TelusDirect sites instead of wifi buses.
-less demand on seating
-less likelihood of "Apple Picking" on buses
-I can always use my data plan if I wanted coverage on bus.