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Telus vs Koodo

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I've been lurking on the Koodo Community to see what sorts of questions get posted to Telus' little brother, the Koodo forum. There's many posts about packages, expectations, wants wishes and upgrades. Given the expectation folks have of the discount carrier for future services, I am interested to learn from Telus' perspective how they view the two fitting into the future of wireless. What values does purchasing service on the flagship carrier offer over the discount brand? If the only difference is price, how long until all consumer accounts move to Koodo?



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Community Power User

Well when I was comparing plans and I asked about  coverage at Koodo, they said their coverage area is slightly smaller than Telus' even though they use the same towers. Not sure if that's true or not.

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Partly true....


Koodo is great if you stay in the urban areas.  However if you spend a lot of time in suburban areas... you will find better value with Telus as there is no roaming nationwide surcharges.


In the old days, Koodo used CDMA phones and Telus was using HSPA phones.  Today I think all the phones are HSPA and the difference is whether you need roaming in Canada.


The Koodo strategy is to match price and service of discount carriers like Mobilicity/Wind who believe in paying for roaming charges IN Canada.


In addition to what @Nighthawk and @xl said, TELUS also tends to carry the high-tier smartphones well before sub-brands like Koodo (iPhone's are the exception).


You are right though, especially since adding Public Mobile to their roster there is even less delineation between Koodo and TELUS.

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