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Telus voice mail, time wasting feature

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Why does Telus read who the call number of the phone number that left me a voice mail. This could not be a bigger waste of time. Other services allow you to push 5 or another number to find this. This is truly a time waster and very annoying feature.


Community Power User
Community Power User

I feel just the opposite, especially when receiving a VM on a landline, where easy call backs are not an option. Being able to note the number in case the caller does not leave one, or relates it indistinctly, has great value for me. 

Remember, voicemail extends beyond mobile phones. It also consumes about 6 - 10 seconds. 

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The best of both worlds is to let us turn it on or off in the settings. Alternatively put it at the end of the message. Those who want to hear it can wait and those who don't can skip it.