Roadside Assistance Available?


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Does Telus offer Roadside Assistance?

Thanks, 😊
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Community Power User

Many years ago there was a promotion involving Telus and Dominion Automobile Association but the roadside assistance was strictly through DAA. You're better off just getting a standard roadside assistance plan from your local equivalent to BCAA/AMA/CAA/DAA/etc or checking into what options your credit card includes as some offer some roadside assistance coverage.

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Friendly Neighbour
Thank you, Nighthawk.

I was thinking about AMA if all else failed. 😊
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Yes Telus does offer Roadside assistance for $6.50 a month plus tax. It's offered through Dominion Automobile Association. You add it yourself by either:

  • going to
  • dialing 1 855 889 7188
  • text yes or stop if you already have it and want to stop the service to 5343
  • dial #auto from your telus cell phone

Dialing #auto is chargeable local minutes just like a normal local call. The service starts 72 hours after you are enrolled. The service includes:

  • 5 incidents per year, each incident is $75
  • emergency road and tow service
  • emergency lock out service
  • flat tire change
  • battery boost
  • fuel delivery (up to 12 litres)
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Friendly Neighbour
Thank you, Mobility_Princess. I will check it out! 😊