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Renewing contract - disappointing phone call

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Last week I received a call regarding renewing my contract - which by the way still has 7 months left.  I was offered an Iphone 5 for free and then told I could actually renew my contract prior to its expiry - all sounded really good. Then came the catch - the contract would only be for 2 years which is fine that is what I had this time BUT to get a free phone you have to have a minimum of $70 + per month contract - that is $20 more than I pay now - I told the caller this was an outrageous amount of money to increase my plan by and in fact to get less - they basically told me that this is what all the "Big" companies are doing i.e. Bell and Rogers - I informed the caller that I went with Telus because they offered a better more personal service than the "Big" ignorant companies - Basically I was told that I could take or leave the offer but that it was the best I would get.  


Telus you suck - what has happened to you !!!!!!!!!  Really you cant give your loyal customers a better deal than $70 per month !!!!!!!!!!!!!  Im shopping around and you can basically shove your I Phone 5 who needs it.


Im really really disappointed and upset with your methods and your greedy attitude


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All the new plans that include phones are more expensive. This is nothing new at all. This type of increase in cost / decrease in service kicked in when the CRTC forced cell providers into 2 year terms instead of 3. So in simplified terms, the cost of the phone per month is higher because it's a shorter term which leaves your with more expensive plans. Let us know how you make out with the other carriers as they all advertise the same cost plans when getting a new device. Minimum $70/$80 a month.


The other option you have is buy the phone outright from outside Telus. A lot of people are doing that now to keep their existing plan rates and features.

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The new 2 year contracts mandated by the CRTC means you are eligible for a new phone subsidy every 2 years instead of every 3 years. That's 33% sooner so the plan cost goes up accordingly.

"Im shopping around and you can basically shove your I Phone 5 who needs it."
Yes, you should shop around. You will find that this is the new norm as the CRTC has mandated 2 year contracts for every carrier. They made this rule due in part to complaints from customers about 3 year contracts being too long.