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No service

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I have no service

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Community Power User

You will really need to elaborate. Customer service? Cell service? Tech support service? TV service? Maid service?

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Hi , yes, please, we'll need to have more information. The users here are pretty good with more information, I'm sure they'll be able to help you.


Hi @paraparaI would like to thank you for making valuable contributions to this forum. However, in your last post you promoted the servives of an unlock service web site:

parapara wrote:

If your phone show "no service" message while inserting new sim?Yes means,Try powering off the device and removing the battery if possible > then remove the sim card and leave it out for a minute > reinsert the sim card > power on the device. If your problem persists,there may be a chance to your phone is restricted by some network carrier,So try to unlock your phone.For unlocking visit

Has per our House Rules , Marketing or promotion of other businesses isn't allowed. See below:


No marketing

Our social and online communities aren’t the place to market your business or sell your services. Let’s focus on sharing TELUS related ideas and questions in this space.


I will have to delete your comment for this time. Please make sure to that your future contributions falls in within our house rules.


Thank you,