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New Quesnel Cell Tower... When is it going up?

Just Moved In


I live in Quesnel and unfortunately I live in an area where I have no cell service at my home.  I can drive down the road .5km and have service most days.  Sometimes in the wee hours of the morning, my phone will catch a signal and all my texts will come in then... very annoying.


I've heard that a new cell tower is being put up near Dragon Lake.  I'm sure that this will improve my service when does this tower go up?  I'm very eager to be able to send and recieve texts from home.


Thank you



Just Moved In

the service in quesnel is absolutly horrible, telus has beem promising this to improve for 2 years now,enough waiting telus put up the new tower and give us the service that most everone in the province has and pays the same prices we do.

Helpful Neighbour

There has been some resistance in the community for a site a Dragon Lake so TELUS is looking for a new location.