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Managing Data Usage


Hello, as a parent of two teenage girls, managing data is a constant struggle. Recently Telus implemented a $2 monthly fee for blocking data per line, which is a service I used monthly (for free) when my daughters reached a certain data usage limit, to ensure we didn't go over. While we are set up for text notification when we reach certain limits, it's frustrating that Telus does not give us the ability to automatically shut off data on a line until it has reached an overage of $50.00. 


I would like to see Telus look for ways for allowing customers to manage their data plans better. The way it is set up now encourages overages. I am working with my daughters to encourage more responsible usage of their data (that is a work in progress) but it would be appreciated if Telus would work with customers in allowing more flexibility to manage their plans. I'm really disappointed that an add-on that I used frequently now has an added fee charge. 


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

To clarify... what is the make and model of the phones?  Most phones today have a feature to track one's consumption.

They have the iPhone 6. We are using the functionality provided with the phones, unfortunately my teenagers are acting like teenagers. "Just a little bit" here and there doesn't add up in their minds. I am working hard with my kids to get them in line and there have been many discussions, reassessments, etc. I just wish Telus would make it easier for parents (or anyone) to set limits and be able to control the data usage. 


I think Telus is doing the best they can on this given that customers may disable-enable-disable-enable data at a rate it would be hard for the system to keep up with. User fees encourage customers to be proactive, and not rely on an easy fix for them, but a tough job for the Telus system.

If this is a tough job for the Telus system, we are all with the wrong carrier. I am trying to be proactive, I would love the option (such that is available with many carriers in the US) that enable a customer to manage their data by having set times that data access is available, shutting off data at certain limits, etc. Yes, this requires a user fee which I would gladly pay. Paying a fee to simply turn off access is a money grab and we already pay high fees for the services provided. There is no ability to shut off data once you hit your limit, only once you go over by $50.00. Obviously the functionality is there, but Telus does not allow it to be used until you are spending more $$$ on your bills. I'm disappointed and frustrated, I have been with Telus since 1995, have never used another carrier and out of loyalty purchased my kids phones through Telus. It is not the most cost effective carrier and they don't make it easy to be financially prudent. 

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I agree with @mskaz post. Telus does not allow to manage shared data on a per user basis, which is a big disappointment for me now that I'm planning to bring my kids over from a pre-paid voice only plan. I don't want to block everyone's access to data if one of the kids uses (likely inadvertently) all shared data and I don't want to pay any overages.


Rogers has an app that allows to set quotas, alerts and data block on a flick of an on/off switch on a per user basis. So it is technically possible for Telus to also do something similar. 


So a question for @telus. Are there any plans to implement something similar in the near future? 

Agreed. I wish Telus added the option to manage data on a per line basis, with the ability to set quota's, and turn the data on and off at will. Rogers has this function, so Telus should seriously consider this too. The lack of real data management tools is the sole reason that I keep my teenage children on Freedom Mobile, which is pre-paid. If Telus were to implement flexible data management, I would be much more likely to switch their lines over to Telus with myself. Can you please take this idea to the higher ups for consideration?

You'll want to put that in the ideas section of the neighborhood if you want them to consider it.

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