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How do we turn off the mobile network on a Galaxy S5 Active?

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My son has a Galaxy S5 Active and is leaving tomorrow for China with the local travel club. We have figured out how to turn off data but have not figured out how to turn off the mobile network to prevent texting and phoning. We would like him to only have access to wifi to ensure there will not be any accidental charges. I hope this makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Lock the SIM card. That setting should be under Security. Would require a PIN to be entered to unlock it so no accidental data usage. Or remove the SIM card entirely.

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Hello @kchaucer,

Another way to do this (in case it's not too late) is to access the settings for the mobile network :

- Apps

- Settings

- More Networks

- Mobile Networks

- Data Roaming (ON or OFF) (maybe you will see that on the menu button on top right)

Useful link (source):

Also, you can go to the mobile Data usage, and you can turn OFF or ON the Data Roaming (It is possible that you will see that option on the menu button on top right) 


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I'm probably late in answering this but maybe for the future, if you want to turn off all mobile services but keep the wifi, you can do so by going into settings and turning on " airplane mode " this will disable all network services, then just make sure you then go and turn wifi on and you should be good to go !