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How can I call international long distance on my cell phone at discounted rates?


I have friends and family in many different countries around the world and would like to call them using my TELUS cellphone. After checking TELUS' long distance rates I find them to be generally expensive to the countries I wish to call. Does TELUS have a international long distance service that offers discounted rates?



I called in to TELUS customer service and asked my question about discount long distance and they notified me about #100.


The customer service rep was happy to fully explain how #100 works.


Any TELUS pre or post-paid customer can simply dial #100 on the cell phone, listen to a short prompt, and dial their desitnation number. Rates start as low as 5¢/min and your calls get billed directly on your current TELUS bill! A really cool and useful feature the rep told me about is after every call using #100, you get a free SMS outlining your call details and charges. She directed me to for all the international rates.


I just tried the service and it was great! I called my brother the U.K. and it was easy, very clear call quality, and received the text message right after I called. I am definately going to use this service more!


I also asked if the rates change during peak hours or during holidays because you brought up a good point. She assured me the rates are always the same any time of the day or year. I am really excited to find out about this new service.