Help! How do I transfer pictures from my old phone to my new phone?


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My old phone died (Blackberry Curve 8530).  I've recently bought a new Samsung Galaxy S4.  I don't want to lose the pictures on my Blackberry but I don't know how to transfer the pictures over.  I've backed up the stuff on my Blackberry using the Blackberry Desktop Software and it's saved it in a .ipd file which I can't open?  Can anyone tell me how I can transfer this stuff to my new phone?  Or even how I can just view it on my laptop.  If I can even view it normally on my laptop and save it, that'll be fine too.  Please help!

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The phone doesn't turn on anymore?


Is there SD card? You can take it out and transfer the core files, which most likely are jpeg.


If that doesn't work, google .ipd file and it'd tell you what file is and how to work it out.


Galaxy S4 might also be able to transfer over files through bluetooth.


I advise you to get dropbox for your S4. Dropbox for Galaxy gives free 50gb (i got with s3). This way, if something bad happens to your S4, your pictures or files are safe.

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Check your hard drive, I found the Desktop software backs my pictures to this folder...

  C:\Users\Your Name Here\Pictures\BlackBerry

I don't know about blackberry memory cards.

I had a Samsung GT S5830D. It was driven over. The glass was too expensive for repair. I took out the memory card and put into a new Samsung Galaxy 3. All my Gallery pictures were intact.

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You can just download all your pictures in your computer then just copy them to your new samsung Smiley Happy