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Goodbye Telus after 14 years

Just Moved In

My plan is up for renewal in December 2017.  There is $21 owing on my iPhone 6 and you would not unlock it for free.  For me to upgrade to an iPhone 8 and stay at the same tier ($85), you wanted $429.  To spend $229 to upgrade, I would have to spend $95 / month for extra services I do not need. 


I have been a customer since 2003 and not only are you gouging me, you show me no loyalty for my business.  I added a second line to my wife's account at Roger's, got the iPhone 8 for $229, she got the iPhone 7 for $49, plus we got a total of $549 in credits!  The monthly amount we both pay per month now is less than what we had before. 


By the way, your female employee at your Owen Sound store on the morning of October 24th was a bitch so it is with great enthusiasm that I bid farewell to Telus.  Please count on me to share my experience with all my social media connections!