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Don't need datta anymore

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Hi, I'm currently overseas and want to switch from a datta and voice plan to just having a voice plan to try to save money while travelling. Anyone knows how to proceed ( I can't call customer services since it'll be very expensive for me from here. I'm looking for a way to do it online. Thanks 


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Community Power User

You may be able to do it through the 'My Account" section of the website, or you can use Chat from the 'Contact Us' section of the website. Note: you can only use chat from a computer, not a phone, but I expect you have the ability to find opportunity to access a computer somewhere.


You can also use Skype to call Telus 1-800 number at really low prices (I think FREE), so you might only need to find a Wi-Fi spot.


Edit: you can also choose a Vacation suspension for up to 6 months, once per year. This could be a savings if you are not using your phone while travelling.

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If you turn the data off on your phone, and then turn your phone on, all incoming sms are free and calling Telus mobility is free anywhere in the world. So long as the data is off on your phone you have no way to incur charges other than if you were to reply to sms/ voice calls/ or check voicemail. If you are in contract you may be required to spend a certain amount and may not have the option of lowering your plan however @NFtoBC is right you can do Vacation suspension once every 12 months for a maximum of 6 months. So long as your payments are not way behind you would be eligible. It's $30 monthly in contract or $10 monthly out of contract. 

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