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Cell Phone Towers going up with no notification to home owners.

Just Moved In

I'd like to know why Telus did not inform homeowners in the immediate area that they were installing one of their  cell phone towers in our back yard.  This was dirty and underhanded and shows no courtesy or respect to the surrounding homeowners.  One day the big machines arrived and it took some digging to the City of Edmonton and the province to find out what was going on in the field right behind my house.   I'd like a name and number to call please.


Community Power User
Community Power User

It's possible the tower was approved some time ago and just not built yet as the demand wasn't reached for that area. If it's a new area, it's possible that the land for it could have been zoned / designated for it long before any houses were built. Complaining about the tower going in at this point (unless you have the entire neighborhood complaining all together) will have no effect. Whether or not Telus has a human that you'd be able to complain to, I don't know but I wouldn't expect much.

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