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Why keep asking me to switch when Telus plans are totally uncompetitive?


Been on optik for TV/Internet for maybe 4 months now, and every time I have to call in or chat about whatever issue they try to sell me a landline and a cell line. The landline I have no use for, the cell I would gladly switch for something even competitive (not necessarily better) but their prices are legitimately double what I pay with koodo. so identical reception. At least this time the rep said there are some better plans in the pipeline.


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Businesses like to make money. If I call my insurance provider they'll happily try to sell me a bunch of extra coverage or services I don't need. A lot of companies are of the mindset that if you have multiple services with them, it'll make it harder for customers to switch later, especially if prices are discounted for multiple services or products.

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I guess I just don’t understand being competitive in the tv/internet space and being absurdly expensive for mobility. 

@rommelrommel wrote:

I guess I just don’t understand being competitive in the tv/internet space and being absurdly expensive for mobility. 

Telus and Shaw are an oligopoly so their prices are collaboratively priced to cover fixed costs and expenses. Unless you want to receive your Internet, TV and home phone services from say Comwave which is much cheaper but locked into a 2-year contract, Telus & Shaw are both the way to go. As for mobility, the wireless carriers are also in an oligopoly market where 2 or more providers sell services to many buyers. Telus, Rogers and Bell offer wireless services that can be used in other nations outside of North America, are more reliable and can share voice minutes/data with additional family members whereas those 2nd & 3rd tier mobile virtual network operators like Koodo, Fido and Virgin don't have those conveniences and are meant for single users.

You can thank the lack of competition, price fixing, and high minimum wages for the pricing.  Don't be afraid to ask them for something fair and go higher up to at least get it considered.  If they can't budge on price, maybe they can by giving you a one-time bill credit on all of your services or lowering the cost of another service. 


It never hurts to ask!  The worst they can say is, no.  Don't allow the hassle the companies in Canada make it to switch any service be a deterrent to getting yourself a better deal else where.