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Why is there no smartphones with a keypad? not counting a Blackberry

Friendly Neighbour

Smartphones are completely reliant on touch interfaces. Not Counting Blackberrys


I dispise the touch interface, I have oily fat fingers. I have a LG C555 with a Full QWERTY keyboad unfortuneately it has no computing power.


Faults of Touch Interfaces

The screens gets dirty from useing it

The Interface is inacurate with fat fingers that have a large contact area with the screen

Cant use gloves while typing on touch interface...we live in Canada!

When typeing there is a large tradeoff of keyboard vs textbox size on a small screen.


How would one get a phone with a Qwerty keyboard that has computing power in Canada?


With telus can you text from a laptop with 3G?



Get an iPhone +


This is really a comment you should be posting on an Apple/Samsung/HTC etc. website, Telus has literally no input on the design of smartphones.

Why are you ruling out Blackberrys? The BB Q10 is a very good phone and it meets your criteria.

I didn't mention BB devices because OP literally put it in the title 'not counting a Blackberry'

@tsizzle, sorry my comment was directed at the OP.


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

I've seen a few Android phones with keyboards... but they just don't work well like a Blackberry.


Love my Q10 and looking forward the Q20.

With Snap, you can run some Android apps too!


Apparently the Droid 5 will feature a slide out keyboard similar to the Droid 4.  Samsung also had rolled out the Samsung Chat a while back with a few variations.  Robot Frustrated Realizing that you mentioned "aside from BB" I will still say, IMHO, the Q10 has the whole keyboard/one hand usage interface design down pat & is a solid experience.  I'm also eagerly awaiting it's sequel... Q20? 🙂 Robot wink

The smarphones+blackberries, with build in keyboards are out of fashion. Personally I dislike phisical keyboards. In addition it get you in troubles by accidentally, dial emergency Ph#s.


Remenber the time that I'd a older 'Motorola Phone' I pulled out from the pouch N' hit the #9-the police, callMe inmediatly (these #s are equiped, with high tech detection. I decided to get rid of the Phone. Blacberry Co. went almost to the bankrupcy 'cause customer wanted, digital keyboard.  CU-Later "v9"

@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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The future is unknown?

If the Blackberry keyboard goes defective.  You can still make calls with it's touchscreen.  The keyboard can be swapped out by unbolting a few screws.


The thing I like about the Blackberry keyboards is the width.  The sliding Droid keyboards are too wide and give me thumb pain.