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Unlocked S8 from US

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I want to buy an S8 while in the US in a couple weeks, even with the dollar it's still cheaper to get it there.  Will it work on the Telus network if I get a SIM card here when I return? Any questions or things to check before buying? I'm assuming all S8's are GSM.  Maybe to risky to chance?  Any tips/help?  I was hoping the price here would drop here with the Note 8 coming out, but not yet....  I plan to go to Best Buy there.


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Easiest to get one that is AT&T compatible, however, you still may need to have it unlocked on your return to Canada. You will not be able to avail of any of the subsidies offered by Canadian carriers, and would need to buy the phone outright. Telus currently offers the phone for $200 (a $835 savings) if you sign up for a plan of $85 per month. Their BYOD plans are $15 / month cheaper so BYOD saves you $360 over the two years. Unless the phone is $500 less in the US, or you already have a stellar plan, look closely at the numbers.


Best Buy Canada may also have a deal on this phone.


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I spoke to Telus, they said it may not be unlocked even though they say it is, same as you said.  My plan of $110 unl nation & 12g is ok but not good enough to be cheaper than their 200 2 yr plan.  Thinking I won't be getting one.  Samsung US had a promo a month ago that it no longer has where the S8 was $575, which is what started me thinking of getting it there.  It has since increased to 725, making it not such a deal now.  Missed it.