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Tracking Number?

Just Moved In

So I ordered my google pixel on the 21st of December and have yet to receive a tracking number for my order. Tried calling the the web store 3 times, waited for a good hour each time and still no luck. Sent an email 2 days ago and no reply. Any ideas on how to get a hold of the web store?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Those are the methods I am aware of as well.


Pixel are in somewhat short supply.



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Unfortunately call and email are the only options 😞 it should have been sent out by now for sure! Were you an existing customer who renewed online or a brand new customer who ordered online? Doesn't matter either way I guess. You could try *611 which is just normal client care who could double check there were no issues with the credit check. If you were a new customer there might have been an issue with the credit check in which case they would not send out the device until they spoke to you and confirmed your indentity. If that's the case the *611 client care reps still have to transfer you to web store but they could at least confirm if that's the issue or contact the web store escalations team for you. Yesterday was super busy so might be a bit of a wait for them too I'm afraid 😞
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