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Text message wont send unless I switch airplane mode on/off

Just Moved In
Galaxy S6 64gb
Android 6.0.1

I seem to have a probleme lately with sending text messages. Receiving text messages and phone calls works perfectly.
The problem is inconsistent, some days everything is working just fine and some other days i have to turn airplane mode on/off, when i get the "message not sent" error, several times in the same hour. What could cause this?
Rebooting the device also fix the problem temporarily.
This also happens on/off wifi.
I am using the regular text message app.
Every contact is affected by the problem.

Community Power User
Community Power User
Sounds like your phone is dropping the cellular connection, and refreshing it by entering and exiting Airplane mode allows the messages to send.

Might be worth backing up your phone and resetting it.
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