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Telus selects Ericsson and Nokia for 5G

CPU Alum
CPU Alum


TELUS today announced it has selected Ericsson and Nokia to support building its 5G network, with the goal to revolutionize wireless connectivity for customers.


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Hey Telus, As a long time Telus customer for over 40 years (BC Tel then Telus) with two accounts (mobility and home), I am very pleased that Telus chose Ericsson and Nokia to supply your 5G service to Canadians. Good work - refusing the CCP thugs! Well done!

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I came here too late! I was just going to post that as a lifelong Telus customer here in BC (as well as my parents and sister) I was ready and quite willing to switch service providers if Telus were to choose Huawei for their new 5G platform. Looks as thow they just anounced they will not be going in that direction. Very good news. As long as the chinese communist party holds and tortures our citizens unlawfully and against any norms of a civil society Canadians should not do business with, visit, or in any other way engage with this brainwashed regime. Remember the Uighurs, the Tibetans, the murdered students of Tiananmen Square, and the brave people of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Thank you Ibotori for bringing this topic up.  I too, am a strong proponent of Telus not having anything to do with Huawei.  I've been in contact with my MP and have voiced my concerns with her.  It is absolutely wrong to consider doing business with this company, when we have 2 Canadian Citizens in jail in China.  When our own CSIS decries Huawei's credibility citing concerns of spying, etc. Canadians & businesses must pay attention.


I have been waiting on renewing a contract with Telus for cell phones, and all my home packages as I was concerned about Telus' involvement with Huawei.  This is good news for me, as I have been a cell phone account holder with Telus since 1996.


This was really the only responsible decision Telus could make as a good Canadian corporate citizen.

This is only a PR move. Huawei is highly embedded in Telus and they have not made any commitment to disengage from Huawei and the Chinese Communist Party as yet, as far as I can tell. I intend to cancel my Telus service and switch to Rogers unless they make that commitment. 

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Hey thanks for making the right choice here Telus. I came here and joined this forum just to say this.

Telus has not actually made the right choice yet. Huawei is highly embedded in Telus and they have only agreed to use Nokia and Ericsson as suppliers. TELUS needs to completely disengage from Huawei and their CCP controllers!

Personally, as soon as my Telus contract is up I will be switching to Rogers unless Telus removes Huawei completely!