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Switching to a unlocked used phone?

Just Moved In

Hi, I was planning to buy a friends used and unlocked Nexus 5, and just switch my SIM card  from my Iphone to the Nexus 5. However, I was told by a customer support rep on the phone I would have to activate the phone through customer service or at a store by giving them the IMEI before I can do that. Is this true? I've never heard of this before, and I can't do that as I do not want the person who's name is on the account knowing I am switching phones, so I can't bring them to confirm the account.



No, just pop the sim in and your good to go.  Just did it with a BBZ10.  Switched from a old iPhone4 to a used Z10.



If both phones use the same size sim card then you don't have to tell anyone anything.  If you have to get different sized sim card then buy the one ($10 last time I got one) you need and then change your sim card # online (its free).  I did that when I....


Went from HTC One V (standard size) to iPhone 4S (micro size).  Went and bought a micro sim to use for iPhone 4s.  Funny thing is that I didn't like the iPhone 4s (after months of use) and went back to my old phone.  Didn't want to buy the standard size sim card so I bought an adaptor chip to put the micro sim card in to use my old HTC One V card.  The reason I did that is I would assume in the next few months I will get a new phone and most phones now use micro sim cards. 

Since you are getting the phone from your friend why not just pop in your SIM card into the Nexus 5 and test it yourself.

You'll like the Nexus 5, it's a great phone.