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Scam call about a new cellphone plan

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Got a call today from 778-229-9648 and the person said he is from Telus. He offered me a deal to switch my plan with Telus for $30 cheaper, with unlimited data usage and I don't need to pay any extra transfer cost. Then he transferred my call to another person who asked me for my name, DOB, address, and ID number. I stupidly gave them all this info along with my driver's license and BCID. They also asked who was my service provider before Rogers. I got suspicious when they asked me for my card number and I asked them to send me an email for me to fill it out instead. I then got an email from [email protected] with a link to a suspicious form to fill out my card number. The email and the form look odd because there is no official logo so I just hung up the call. After a few minutes, I got tons of calls ffrom random numbers (I assume that they're calling me back) and they also sent me another email to finish my registration from [email protected]. I'm now worried because even though I didn't give out any card info, I gave them my ID number over the phone along with name, DOB and address. What can I do in this case? I appreciate the help. Thank you. 


Just Moved In

sorry Please ignore the part about an email from [email protected] - I realized that this email is from Telus Forum asking me to verify my email (which is legit). 

Hero is not TELUS and the call is a scam. You need to take steps to protect yourself from identity theft.


You can check domains at:


A valid TELUS domain should look like this:



Community Manager
Community Manager

@rachelvu please report that call to the Canada Anti-fraud centre. Further to what @xray has said, please take steps to ensure your information is safeguarded


If you're an active TELUS customer, I would also recommend connecting with our customer care team to let them  know what happened.