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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Connection Problem

Just Moved In

Hi all,


I'm having as major issue with my Samsung s6 edge. About a month ago, I noticed that the Android OS and Google Play Services are constantly uploading data to the network, regardless of what I'm connected to. Now, when I'm connected to the Telus 4G network, it is constantly uploading and therefore does not allow me to download anything. (I don't know why, maybe it has network issues?) The data features of the network are rendered useless. The phone and data work fine when connected to LTE and WiFi.


I took it in for Samsung servicing but it did not fix the issue (after they kept my phone for a month). Is anyone else having an issue like this? I basically cannot use the 4G network at all, and I'm assuming it is due to this uploading (The upload arrow is illuminated when it will not load anything). I have also noticed that the phone is not connecting to LTE as often as it had before... even though there is no reason it shouldn't.


Thanks for any and all help with this issue! 


Helpful Neighbour

Hello mlebeau11,


Here are some suggestions that may fix your problem:

1) Try turning the phone off, waiting 3 to 5 seconds, then turn the phone back on.

2) If that did not work then back up all your contacts and personal information saved on the phone to a personal or laptop computer and do a factory reset of the phone.


It may be possible that when apps and any other services are uploading or downloading the uploading arrow may have gotten stuck as the phone may be trying to recognize what is being uploaded. 


Best of Luck getting this issue fixed.


Community Power User
Community Power User

I haven't noticed anything like that with my S6 Edge.  4G is also LTE but Samsung seems to display things a bit odd at times.  When you look at the mobile data usage, is it just Android OS and Google Play Services uploading? That seems like unusual behaviour for both of those. Do you have background data restricted on either of those? There has to be an app installed on the phone that is triggering this behaviour, possibly a virus. Do you have anything that can live stream video from your phone? Or is set to automatically upload photos you take? Do you have any antivirus apps installed? (ie Telus or Avast or one of the other ones)

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